Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Do you get what you expect ?

within us, we have the awesome power to be the magnificent beings that we truly are. That is, if we can only believe in ourselves, truly believe we will find a way to access that inner strength. As a result, the world will witness our inner power as our actions make a difference for all to see. When you believed you could make a difference, new possibilities showed up for you that were previously invisible to you before and the voices of fear and doubt went away. What we materialize in life will be directly related to our expectations.

If we expect our future to be better than our present condition, we will generate enough self motivation to do what it takes to realize this expectation. When we expect our future to be worse than our current situation, which negative expectations will result in behavior that is consistent with that expectation. “We sabotage ourselves when we don’t believe in our self” and then we become afraid and act on our fears. And if we have an expectation that our future will be about the same as our present state, we generate an apathetic attitude that will make it be just that, more of the same we have now. We generate just enough self-motivation to maintain the status. As soon as things are starting to lookup, we find a way to kick them back to more of what we’ve been accustomed to expect.

So, create a mental vision for what your future will be like. Anything and everything that would make life worth living for you. Make your vision so motivating and real that you will expect it to come into being and, as a result of these expectations, do what ever it takes to generate the actions necessary to achieve it.

We all already do have a vision for what our future will look like. For most of us it’s just more of the same that we’ve had in the past. We use this evidence of past experience to expect more of better or slightly different improvements that is. What we miss seeing is that we can actually create, on purpose, a vision of what our ideal lives will look like. Then it’s just a matter of finding what it will take to realize this vision.

The element critical to any powerful and inspiring vision is contribution to others. Any vision that is only about you personally is self-serving at best and lacing the inspiration to motivate others to take on your vision themselves. It’s also the reason why a powerful, compelling vision must be spoken aloud to inspire others. It must be spoken aloud to inspire others. It must not only live in your head and heart, but in the world for it to have its greatest impact on others. It’s when your vision is clear and compelling and lives as your expectations for what the future holds that it will manifest externally in the world.

Now, you get what you expect!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Life of jay ess, full of love...

In a relationship as beautiful as ours
We share our lives together breathing each other’s air
Sharing each others thoughts
Your touch is so tender
Your heart is so dear
Life feels so safe when I share it with you
Your words are always so comforting
Your heart is always so sincere
Life would not be so special
If I didn’t have you to share it with
Everything you do for me
And our family
Shows me how lucky I am to have you
To talk too
To Love
To turn to
You catch me when I fall
Always help me get back on my feet…
I hope I show through my actions,
Through my words,
How special you are to me,
How I appreciate you and love you,
How much joy you bring to me,
My heart is full of love and appreciation
Because without I wouldn’t be where I am today
You make life worth living
You fill my soul with energy
For this, I am forever grateful
For all, eternity!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Eeeek! A Male cockroach?

A cockroach took away my sleep last night. A flying cockroach was roaming in my bedroom when I hopped on bed to catch some zzZ’s. I couldn’t attack it as it was flying all around, neither could ignore it and sleep under the blanket. So, I went to sitting room and slept on sofa the whole night. When I woke up in the morning , I saw the cockroach dancing on the floor upside down :S as if it was dancing to the beat of my snort :P now I wonder whether it’s a male cockroach, who followed and spent the night with me. The cockroach seemed to be very much exhausted. No wonder what the cockroach was up to! Anyways, I smashed it with the broom and now it’s all dead, resting in peace inside my dustbin. Phew!

But how do we identify male and female cockroaches? I guess it was a male one :P

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Me & my lil brother…

If you've got a younger brother, you'll know what a brother he can be! Sometimes I wish if my little brother would just disappear! Brothers are such a pain to live with. They always get in the way of everything and ruin everything. They also never appreciate what you do for them. He’s always a loudmouth and snitches on me and drives me insane by getting his own way. Grrr! My brother always gets his own way and annoys us when I have friends over. Sometimes, late at night, my brother sits in his darkened room watching television without any sound and laughing hysterically. His giggling is punctuated by one-sided, ruining my sleep by incoherent conversations that he holds with the voices he hears in his head. Sometimes he’s just too sweet. He never bothers to disturb me when my boyfriend is around: D well, today’s his BIRTHDAY! So here I am, wishing u a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother! I’m so lucky to have you as my brother. If I had to choose one another, I’d choose no other. When I need help, you’re there for me. The bond we share will always be strong. May GOD grant u all the happiness you deserve. May you live a long life! ENJOY :D

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A grit sand couple

A Couple created from sand on the beach of Kuda Bandos.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Alone in the dark - a run to remember!

Like everyone else, at the back of my mind, I always had an image of the world. The image was small but clear, distant but entirely distinct. It was clearer than a memory, less present than a vision.

My world floated alone in the darkness. The darkness was a deep darkness, and far away in the darkness were the stars that kept their unblinking state. And among those, moved the rest of the stars. Some of those were flashes of light lasting less than an eye blink, some were long streaks of orange flame, and 24 were faithful performers, moving with an intricate dance unimaginably distant.

Most of the stars dotted the blackness in my sky, and in the background of the image in my mind and others.

The shape of the world, as it floated alone in the dark, was the shape of an angel, whose two legs ensconced beside me, his hands curved gently on my face, his great eyes closed and arms opened slightly towards me. All the fixed unblinking stars in my dark sky began blinkin with his one glance. Just like a fairy tale.

Within the image of the world in my mind, I sensed where in the world, where on the world, I was. And though days are passing by, I don't feel the time flowing as here I am, with my angel, under the bright sky with the twinkling stars!